Outdoor Concerts and How to Organize One

Published: 30th December 2011
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One of the best ways to present underground local music talent is by staging an outdoor concert. No matter how small or grand your production may be, you are guaranteed to get your band and other musical acts the exposure they need. Often held during the summer season, outdoor concerts are a great way to broadcast musical talent to a variety of audiences. You can invite certain audiences whose music taste matches the offering of your musical talents, local industry insiders, and other people who can help take your townís bands from the local scene to the mainstream.

With enough research and preparation, hosting an outdoor concert of your own is a relatively feasible task. To avoid encountering unpleasant surprises during your concert, create a list of tasks to accomplish to help you go about how to plan an outdoor concert. One of the primary considerations in organizing events like these is the venue.Most of the outdoor concerts Denver local bands conduct is set amidst grassy lawns and scenic outdoor parks. Think of public places where a number of people usually gather, yet if you are performing for a select audience, places off the beaten track work just as well. If you are planning to have your concert on government property, like a public park, you will need to obtain a permit from your local city hall to be able to perform there.

Also consider certain factors about your venue. Itís a huge advantage if the venue you chose can provide a stage; this would relieve you of having to plan this part. If you plan on performing on a grassy field, be sure that you have a clean spot to place your instruments and amplifiers on. As heavy amplifiers and the drumsí foundation are likely to sink in the soil, itís ideal to obtain a sturdy plywood platform to place your equipment on. Outdoor concerts would also require toilet facilities for the audiencesí convenience. If your concert would last for one to three hours this part of the plan may be optional; if youíre planning to perform longer than a few hours, itís advisable to rent a portable toilet facility for your audience to use.

Since you wonít be able to find electric outlets outdoors, take into account your power source for the concert. You will need an estimated 4,500 watts of power to support your guitars, amplifiers, mixers, and microphones without threat of breakdowns. Also think about your lighting options and how you would amplify your music throughout the entire outdoor area. If you have the budget, hire local audio and video production teams in your area to help you install and prepare the amplifiers and generators needed for your concert.

You would also have to come up with some form of advertising to promote your event. The easiest and most convenient way to do so would be through word of mouth; let your friends, family, and workmates know that youíre having a concert and would like them to come. More official forms of advertisement would include printing out concert posters and posting them on local notice boards and other public places. Be sure to include crucial details such as the date, time, and venue of the concert. Also try to advertise through plugging the event in local radio stations. Donít forget the mighty power of the internet as well; use social networking sites to broadcast your event and invite as many people from your area as possible.

If you are planning on pre-selling tickets for your concert, contact local print shops in your area to mass produce your tickets. In the different outdoor concerts Denver bands organize usually pre-sell their tickets to increase profit. You can also go with designing and printing the tickets yourselves, with the use of blank business cards or paper strips cut out from cardboard. The cheapest option would be to assign someone at the entrance to collect peopleís payment when they get to the venue.

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